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Aja Villa - home

Everyone dreams of one day owning a home on a tropical island. The images are clear and vivid:

  • A stunning hillside location with wonderful views of the turquoise ocean
  • A beautifully natural environment with palm trees and rich vegetation
  • A modern, open villa with masses of sun light, style and panache
  • A private pool and decking built for wonderful outdoor living
  • An oasis of peace, tranquility and harmony

Welcome to Aja a stunning development on Koh Samui, Thailand which matches those dreams in every way.

Once you add the convenience of the location close to some of the island's best beaches and thriving towns, you really have a modern day paradise.

Bookings - from February 18th, 2019 to February 18th, 2020 
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Aja 1 - 3Br
Aja 2 - 4Br
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Feb 18, 2019
Feb 18, 2020